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in the real world my home is in the bush outside Perth, the capital city of Western Australia

I work across many music genres, performing and composing for concerts, theatre and film - and also playing live music for events and parties! Use the link for info and email me to make a booking...

I've added a new page to the site: Roger Smalley
in remembrance of his life and work for thirty-something years here in Western Australia.
The latter part of 2014 I worked on an interesting project, creating a 30-minute soundtrack for the State Library of Western Australia. Library staff carefully selected images and sounds from the collections and these were transformed by projection artist Roly Skender and musician Cathie Travers - in celebration of the Library's 125th anniversary. The event was filmed...
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I've added a WORKS Catalog; it's an ongoing project to get all the data in there. But already heaps to check out!

2014: Late April I'm down south in Jarrahdale presenting workshops at the residential music retreat RhythmSong. Apr 15-18th incl.
My most ambitious project for 2014 is to compose several works for accordion and string quintet - I've been dabbling with ideas from time to time the last 18 months; finally I'm getting my shit together on that front!

My collection of beautiful accordions continues to grow. In 2013 a Poeta Principe by VICTORIA, and a 72-bass SALTARELLE Cleggan joined the family.

As far as instrument maintenance goes, living in Australia is a nightmare for an accordionist - I have had some awful experiences in regard to maintenance on my beautiful new instruments... which has resulted in huge delays on my recording projects. Bummer! but not the end of the world as all is good now, and I will soon be getting back to the studio. I've also acquired a great deal more knowledge and experience in a few areas of maintenance and repair during the last 14 months!
Matt Styles, Paul Tanner & Adam Pinto performed my new arrangement of Cool Blue & Hot Head on April 8 at the WA Conservatorium of Music. The original score is for a duo of accordion and piano - if you'd care to have a listen.
The premiere recording of my piece ‘Procession’ commissioned by the University of WA for CD release in celebration of the campus centenary in 2013 is another of my works for acoustic accordion and laptop using Ableton Live and a stack of MIDI footpedals.
Other works for this format are:
Aerial Ballet #2
Elegy #2
Links to audio/video of these three works can be found in my
WORKS catalog: on the SOLOS page
Highlights of 2013 included the national tour of Barry HumphriesΚΌ Weimar Cabaret with Australian Chamber Orchestra and Meow-Meow, performing with the Berliner Ensemble in their production of Threepenny Opera for Perth International Arts Festival, meeting and forming a duo with JoJo Smith, and the beginnings of a new collaborative work with Nigel Kellaway and Annette Tesoriero, co-founders of Sydney-based The Opera Project.
2012 was marked by the acquisition of two new accordions, a Super King which emerged from the PIGINI Castelfidardo workshop in February, and a SONOLA SS4 Ernie Felice model from the 1960’s – lovingly restored by Guenadiy Lazarov from the Accordion Gallery in New Jersey.
Dark’ the movie, for which I composed & recorded the music in 2012, is still showing in many full-dome planetaria around the world.